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Musikvidenskab, Æstetik & Kulturteori

at Københavns Universitet
on 21st Nov 2018 - 09:15
by Holger Schulze

Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies

at University of Copenhagen
on 21st Nov 2018 - 16:15
by Holger Schulze

Musikvidenskab, Æstetik & Kulturteori

at Københavns Universitet
on 28th Nov 2018 - 09:15
by Holger Schulze

Musikvidenskab, Æstetik & Kulturteori

at Københavns Universitet
on 5th Dec 2018 - 09:15
by Holger Schulze

The Sonic Persona

at Queens University Belfast
on 5th Dec 2018 - 13:00
by Holger Schulze

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Last week I had the honour of partaking for the third time at a so-called Silence Meal, a performance by artist Nina Backman. This time the meal was part of the Jazzfest …Continue reading

An alternative exercise for strenghtening and expanding the chest. Roth 1851: 201.

Have you ever thought about speaking aloud or singing as active exercises for strengthening the body? This was a commonly shared supposition amongst physicians in 19th century Britain where physical education gradually …Continue reading


“What happens when hearing doesn’t do what it purportedly should?” This question is at the center of a promising and inspiring workshop held this summer, June 15-16 in Cambridge at the Centre …Continue reading

Hören in Situation

(english translation of an article by Holger Schulze: Hören in Situation. Zur Anthropologie der relationalen Klangwahrnehmung, in: Nadin Deventer & Thomas Oberender (eds.), Now This Means War. Magazin zum Jazzfest Berlin 1.-4. …Continue reading


2018-10-08 by


This week an impressive line-up of artists, performers, researchers and thinkers in the field of sound studies, sound art and sound research gathers in Copenhagen on the invitation from Jenny Gräf Sheppard, …Continue reading

Schulze - The Sonic Persona (2018) - Cover 2

Just out now on Bloomsbury press is a new volume on the historical, conceptual and political repercussions of sound studies, especially in the area of an anthropology of sound. In The Sonic …Continue reading

Sound Forms Symposium4

Taking steps on different grounds that make different sounds. Keeping the silence in a large group that wanders around parts of Christiania in Copenhagen. Being in the moment, as you have no …Continue reading


2018-05-17 by


Die A100 verläuft mitten durch Berlin und verbindet in einem Südwestbogen die Bezirke Neukölln, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf und Mitte. Nach Osten in Richtung Treptow befindet sich gerade ein weiteres Teilstück in Bau. Ursprünglich …Continue reading


Recently, the jurors of the Association of American University Presses selected from a total of 563 entries the 52 best examples of excellent book jacket and cover design in 2017. It is …Continue reading