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On September 1st, Giada Dalla Bontà started to work at the University of Copenhagen as a PhD researcher within the Sound Studies Lab. In her project she investigates the role of experimental …Continue reading

A sonically rhythmic carrot, cauliflower, cumin soup to brighten a winter day As part of the listening protocol series, I propose a sonic sensing experience in the form of a performative recipe. …Continue reading

Five Exercises in Smelling at the CLB 2020 by Holger Schulze.Continue reading

For some weeks now, Salomé Voegelin and Holger Schulze invite all Clubhouse members to join their weekly reflections, meditations, and musings around the Sounds of The Week. The conversation is open for …Continue reading

Recently, the German magazine zweitausend50 (meaning: twothousand50) − issued by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries, representing about 1,900 companies − got in contact with us. They wished to know …Continue reading

These days we start a new series together with the great team at Norient – our absolutely preferred resource for new artists and directions in the wider contemporary area of global pop: …Continue reading

On Febuary 8, 2021 the European Commission announced the results of the MSCA Individual Fellowship 2020. €328 million in grants have been awarded this time to 1,630 excellent researchers from all over …Continue reading

The Department of Arts & Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen announces two new, full PhD positions. Deadline is February 25th, 2021; the application must not exceed 12,000 characters (including spaces). …Continue reading

A scribbled paper and recording devices at the Sound Studies Lab (October 28th, 2019: Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright visited Carla Maier and Melissa Van Drie). In the fall of 2019 …Continue reading