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Popular Music Studies

at University of Copenhagen
on 3rd May 2017 - 11:15
by Holger Schulze

Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies

at University of Copenhagen
on 4th May 2017 - 14:00
by Holger Schulze

Popular Music Studies

at University of Copenhagen
on 10th May 2017 - 11:15
by Holger Schulze

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2017-04-25 by

(eine frühere Version erschien in: MERKUR 71 (2017), No. 818, S. 57-62) Die Umgebung, in der Sie arbeiten, ist nicht optimal. Vor allem sensorisch. Es riecht komisch, vielleicht müsste der Bürostuhl ausgetauscht, …Continue reading


2017-01-16 by

Our Online Questionnaire HOW DO YOU DESIGN SOUNDS is closing by January 24. Take your last chance to particpate: All participants of the final call will take part in a draw …Continue reading

Christiane Brosius - Der Kabelrollentisch (2. Februar 2014)

What happened to the so-called “Third Spaces”? When was the last time you indulged in an experience of a “Heterotopia”? How can we grasp the fabric of “Non-Places”, or “In-Between Places”? A …Continue reading

International Sound Awards and Audio Branding Awards at the Reeperbahn Festival 2017 Deadline: September 21, 2017 Please submit your application or spread the word.       Ladies and Gentlemen, We are …Continue reading

These days the Sound Studies Lab is working on some models regarding a cultural theory of sound design. In order to falsify or to confirm some of our assumptions and insights we …Continue reading

The symposion here in Copenhagen on October 6 is only a few days away – and thanks to MIT-Press, the publisher of “Sound as Popular Culture”, we are now happy to have …Continue reading


The US presidential campaigns in 2016 were escorted by a number of songs regarding the person who was recently inaugurated as president. These songs served mostly as a kind of dystopic, fear-indulging, …Continue reading

What is a soundwalk? After reading the seminal text Soundwalking by Hildegard Westerkamp from 1974 students and interested walkers are asking time and time again: What do you do actually do on …Continue reading


Last week I had the honour of partaking in a rather special dinner: a silent dinner. The artist Nina Backman had invited 27 guests to one of her famous Silence Meals – …Continue reading