Sound Studies Book Series

Academic studies & artistic/design concepts in the transdisciplinary field of sound studies

How do human beings and animals and things live together with all the sounds and noises, tones and signals of their times? How do they shape and design sounds – and how do they perform via sounds and explore their world, even in unknown and in maybe only superficially known cultures?


The Concept

The new research field called sound studies is transdiciplinary and transmethodologically by nature: the publications of this book series therefore present artistic and design concepts from fields such as sound art, composition, performance art, conceptual art and popular culture as well as articles from disciplines such as cultural studies, communication studies, ethnography and cultural anthropology, music studies, art history and literary studies. Artistic research as a whole is therefore an important approach in the field of sound studies. The Sound Studies Book Series intends to open up a discourse in, on and about sound – across the limitations of academic disciplines and methods of research and artistic invention: a speaking about sound beyond the hitherto alltoo well-known academic discourse.

The First Five Volumes

Sound Studies Book Series 2008 – 2013

Founding editor

Holger Schulze


Advisory board
  • Sam Auinger
  • Diedrich Diederichsen
  • Florian Dombois
  • Sabine Fabo
  • Peter Kiefer
  • Doris Kolesch
  • Elena Ungeheuer
  • Christoph Wulf
Editorial staff

Georg Spehr, Christina Giakoumelou, Adele Gerdes


German and English


Universität der Künste Berlin (2007-2009)
Cluster of Excellence Languages of Emotion, Freie Universität Berlin (2009)
EFRE/ESF (2009)
Einsteinstiftung Berlin (2011)



transcript Verlag Bielefeld (2007-2013)
MA-programme Sound Studies, Universität der Künste Berlin (2007-2009)



Sound Studies Bookseries (2012)


The Five Volumes

Volume 5: Soundscapes of the Urban Past. Staged Sound as Mediated Cultural Heritage
(ed.: Bijsterveld, Karin, 2013)

Volume 4: Das geschulte Ohr. Eine Kulturgeschichte der Sonifikation
(eds.: Schoon, Andi & Volmar, Axel, 2012)

Volume 3: Gespür. Empfindung. Kleine Wahrnehmungen. Klanganthropologische Studien
(ed.: Schulze, Holger, 2012)

Volume 2: Funktionale Klänge. Hörbare Daten, klingende Geräte und gestaltete Hörerfahrungen
(ed.: Spehr, Georg, 2009)

Volume 1: Sound Studies: Traditionen − Methoden − Desiderate. Eine Einführung
(ed.: Schulze, Holger, 2008)

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