M.A. Sebastian Schwesinger

Teaching assistant Sound Studies Lab 2017
Active Member

24th April 2017 - 23rd June 2017

Research Focus
  • Sound in economic contexts
  • Theories of auditory culture
  • Cultural modes & practices of listening
  • Radio history
Curriculum Vitae

Sebastian Schwesinger (*1982) earned a combined Bachelor of Business Administration and a German Diplom-Kaufmann (FH) degree in International Business and Controlling at FOM Hochschule and Hogeschool Zeeland (NL). At present he is writing his Magister thesis at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin on pirate economies in the context of popular music practices. He installed the Campus Radio programme KulturWelle whose editorial board he is leading and he gave a project course on the study of popular music culture from the standpoint of cultural theory and cultural history (together with Felix Gerloff; winter term 2010/11). In collaboration with the Sound Studies Lab he organized the public lecture series KlangDenken (together with Felix Gerloff; summer term 2012) and a public symposion as final event of the semester’s special focus on »Sound Studies & Auditory Culture«. He works as music journalist for radio and print magazines and is founder of the experimental media project soniK Radiofabrik.

Selected Publications
  • »Märkte der Zukunft – Das kollektive Kalkül eines modernen Orakels«, in: Echterhölter, A. et al. (Hg.) ilinx 3 – Ökonomische Praktiken, Hamburg, (forthcoming July 2012)
  • Radio articles, e.g. on »detektor.fm«
  • Print articles, e.g. »Demokratisches Chaos – Konsequenzen der Entmaterialisierung«, in: de:bug – Cloud Musik 03 (2012)