M.A. Felix Gerloff

Teaching assistant Sound Studies Lab
Research Focus
  • Sonic practices on the web
  • Theories of auditory culture
  • Sound & games in popular culture
Curriculum Vitae

Felix Gerloff (*1986) is junior researcher at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures (Academy of Art and Design Basel FHNW) within the research project »Machine Love? Creativity Cultures in Underground Electronic Music and Software Engineering« and PhD candidate at the Humboldt-University Berlin. He graduated in 2013 as Magister Artium (M.A.) at the Humboldt-University’s Institut für Kulturwissenschaft (Institute for Cultural History & Theory). His PhD project focuses on the interrelation of creativity cultures in software development with material infrastructures of work and economical modes of production. He strives to understand the ways in which media, epistemic practices, and the formation of culture constitute each other. His interests include sound studies with special regard to sonic modes of thinking and reasoning, games and ludic practices, and the history of grammatextuality and typography. In the past years Felix gave project-oriented courses on the study of popular music culture and computer games from the perspective of Kulturwissenschaft. Since 2011 he is organizing a public lecture series KlangDenken in collaboration with Sebastian Schwesinger, Carla Maier and Holger Schulze’s Sound Studies Lab. His work includes further project management and curating for the C60/Collaboratorium for Cultural Practice at the junction of urban development, academic knowledge production, and contemporary arts. Felix works in close collaboration with Sebastian Schwesinger of the research cluster »Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory« (Berlin) and always aspires to combine academic research productively with practical projects, dialogue and evaluation. He is part of the experimental media project soniK Radiofabrik.

Selected Publications
  • »Auditive Medien als Reservoir epistemischer Werkzeuge« [»Auditory Media as Reservoir of Epistemic Tools«], forthcoming, in: Volmar, Axel/Schlüter, Bettina (ed.): Von akustischen Medien zur auditiven Kultur? Zum Verhältnis von Medienwissenschaft und Sound Studies, Navigationen, 15/2 2015.]
  • Abmeier, Angela/Bajohr, Hannes (2011, eds.): Peter. Weiss. Briefe an Henriette Itta Blumenthal. Berlin 2011. (collaborative editing project)