Walking & Acoustics – KOSMOS Summer University Mobility 2013 – Wednesday



On Wednesday the focus was on developing our experimental set up further:

Our echolocation device was expanded with additional sensors. We also thought about a scenario to set up in our building as a parcours. In this parcours it will be helpful and necessary to use our cyborg gear to navigate through the office space and fulfill some basic tasks in the dark.

For the acoustic triggers it was important to collect and prepare the set of sound samples we want to use. We also did a first test run to check our equipment, the atmosphere in the urban space, the loudness necessary and the general acoustic conditions in the field.

We also spent some more time discussing out theoretical framework and connections between the two projects. Both basically deal with the acoustic signal space in the city. While the cyborg focusses on the personal perception and navigation, the acoustic triggers in public space add another sonic actor to the audible sound atmosphere.

As an additional thing, we set up a bass shaker in a wooden box which converts acoustic input into material vibrations. With this device it is possible to feel sound. It was very impressive to experience the sound of a collapsing house.





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