The Sound of Evil

It was about two weeks ago that I had the honour to curate with my colleague Detlef Diederichsen a festival on BÖSE MUSIK or EVIL MUSIC at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt here in Berlin. It was the second in a series after Unmenschliche Musik or Inhuman Music in February this year and Stupid Music or Doofe Musik next May 2014.

Again, we had a lot of commissioned works in the house such as concerts and sound art installations by Anke Eckardt, Francesco Sbano, by The Schwarzenbach, by Zeitblom and Kode9. You could explore and listen to the music of the Mafia, of Nazirock, of Narcocorridos and a series of micro-symposions provided some more informations and critical discourse around these works with expansions into the fields of historical, theoretical and artistic reflection.

Most of the works of BÖSE MUSIK were temporary; but one 5-channel videoart-installation you can now explore online: Max Schneider and Georg Spehr, two team members of the very own Sound Studies Lab conceived this visual and auditory composition – a composition which reflects the auditory and visual representations of the meanest villains in recent movie history, from Don Vito Corleone alias Robert de Niro to Hans Landa alias Christoph Waltz:

“V for Villains” by Branded to Kill from Max Schneider & Georg Spehr on Vimeo.