On October 6, 2016, the international research network Sound in Media Culture gathers for the last time – to celebrate with you the launch of the MIT-Press-volume Sound as Popular Culture. In a day at the University of Copenhagen with public lectures, panel discussions and a young researchers colloquium selected topics and methods of this book will be applied and discussed: sound in everyday life, sound art and curating, the robotic voice, the community-building quality of radio and many more.


We are very happy that our great colleague Morten Michelsen from the University of Copenhagen will present his reading of Sound as Popular Culture as an inspiration or even a framework for research on the history and theory of radio in Europe. His keynote lecture hence has the title:

The Sound of Imagined Communities

The following authors of Sound as Popular Culture from Austria, Germany, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom will contribute to this symposion: Susanne Binas-Preisendörfer (Oldenburg, DE), Carolyn Birdsall (Amsterdam, NED), Jochen Bonz (Innsbruck, AT), Marta Garcia Quiñones (Barcelona, ESP), Franco Fabbri (Turino, IT), Anahid Kassabian (Liverpool, UK), Morten Michelsen (Copenhagen, DK), Bodo Mrozek (Berlin, DE), Jens Gerrit Papenburg (Berlin, DE), Holger Schulze (Copenhagen, DK), Toby Seay (Philadelphia, US).

The following young researchers from Denmark and Germany will present examples, thoughts and questions concerning sound as popular culture from their ongoing research: Max Alt (M.A., Berlin, DE), Sandra Boss (PhD, Aarhus, DK), José Galvez (M.A., Berlin, DE), Morten Grimstrup (M.A., Copenhagen, DK), Rasmus Holmboe (PhD, Copenhagen, DK), Stina Hasse Jørgensen (PhD, Copenhagen, DK), Steffen Just (PhD, Berlin, DE), Katrine Wallevik (PhD, Copenhagen, DK).

You too can participate in this symposion by taking part in the research colloquium in the morning, the public lecture at noon and the panel discussion in the afternoon. Just drop us a mail and check the program.