Pre-Acoustic Sound Studies

The field of sound studies often gets restricted to sound practices, listening experiences and auditory dispositives after the advent of modern acoustics, established as an academic subdisciplin of physics in the 19th century. Yet unsurprisingly, auditory knowledge was present and impactful in cultures of the middle ages, the renaissance, and early enlightenment. On thursday April 21, 2016 we explore in a one day symposion at the University of Copenhagen selected approaches on these so to speak pre-acoustic practices and reflections.

Pre-Acoustic Sound Studies 2016

We invited three scholars from the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Denmark to discuss with us their explorations of approaches in the fields of sound in ecclesiastical milieus and of surveillance concepts: Rupert Till (Huddersfield/UK), Andi Schoon (Bern/CH) and Peter Woetmann Christoffersen (Copenhagen/DK). This is the second of a series of symposions the Forskningsgrupper Sound & Senses at the University of Copenhagen will be inviting to each semester. A Colloquium of the research group, held biweekly, will be preparing selected materials for this symposion in the week before, on April 14: all scholars and students are welcome to join this colloquium as well.

More Informations on the Symposion can be found here

For registration please send a mail to: Rasmus Holmboe