Postcolonial Repercussions

These days the sixth volume in the Sound Studies Series (since 2008) is being published by Transcript Publishing:

Postcolonial Repercussions:

On Sound Ontologies and Decolonised Listening

Edited by Andi Schon and Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt

You will encounter in this publication a series of exciting, groundbreaking and thoroughly original contributions e.g. by Marie Thompson, Pedro Oliveira, Shanti Suki Osman, Gilles Aubry, Birgit Abels, Henrique Souza Lima and many more!

Like the previous volumes, this publication in our book series explores and opens up another new area of research within Sound Studies:

And it does so in a way that allows readers to continue, sharpen, and advance their own investigations on a new level – and to bring them into conversation with relevant authors, artists, and researchers.

Many thanks to the great and dedicated editors for bringing together such a lively group of contributors and putting together such a great volume!

Thank you all for continuing to push the envelope of sound research….