Passive Movement

To move or to be moved? To act or being acted upon? Passivity is known as the unloved and ill sister of activity. Activity is productive, constructive, attrative, lucartive – in short: it is good. Passivity is bad since it doesn’t lead you anywhere, it is mute and stupid: it’s all your own fault if you don’t budge. The dance performance “Passive Movement” wants to free passivity from the pathological realm and test if it is really all up to activity to get the ball rolling.

Five Dancers share the stage with a couple of games and left over, rebellious or forgotten but maybe still desired objects. The choreography is expanded onto balls, abandoned sports equipment, spot lights and loudspeakers, onto human and non-human bodies. These are in a continous relation of exchange, they pass on opportunities for action and create movement together. Lucie Tuma & Co invite you into a space of leisure, of engaged conversation and focused distraction.






Premiere on 11.Oktober 2012, 20 Uhr at Gessneralle Zürich
further performances on 12. and  13.Oktober, 20 Uhr and 14.Oktober, 18 Uhr.

for tickets call Tel +41 44 225 81 11 or email

Konzept, Regie Lucie Tuma Von und mit Ewelina Guzik, Julie Laporte, Andreas Liebmann, Sophia Ribeiro, Uri Turkenich Dramaturgie Maximilian Haas Akustik Julia Krause Raum Valeria Felder Assistenz Lara Gysi Beratung Licht Christ Wenger Grafik Tomas Brader, Komun GmbH Fotografie Caroline Palla Produktion Franziska Schmidt, Stranger in Company
Eine Produktion von Lucie Tuma mit Gessnerallee Zürich Gefördert von Stadt Zürich Kultur, Kanton Zürich – Fachstelle Kultur, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Parrotia-Stiftung und der Ernst Göhner Stiftung Unterstützt durch Fitness Shop