Future Listening

What futures can be articulated through sound?

For the Brazilian journal Revista Música, two great colleagues in the field of sound studies, Rui Chaves and Pedro Oliveira, have conceived a Call for Papers for a special issue that delves into all the issues related to this question.


They ask in their CfP:

“What speculations can be woven to reposition a critique and historiography still obsessed with a fascist and violent futurism whose Eurocentric framework is often ignored?

What future(s) exist or may come to exist in:

– propositions and analyzes of listening situated in indigenous knowledge, from the diasporas, and from the ante- and anti-colonial movements;

– listening to and with subjects beyond the human (non-human and more-than-human);

– listening beyond the ear and in dialogue with the so-called “Deaf and disability studies”;

– listening beyond the body, or beyond the idea of ​​the body as a colonial and colonized object;

– listening from/in the periphery, in the processes of (im)migration, and other listening located on the margins;

– listening as a political tool in uprisings and insurgencies in Latin America and in the so-called “Global South”;

– other propositions for border listening, relational listening, threshold listening.”

In addition to traditional formats, the editors encourage the submission of artistic and multi-sensory works (accompanied by a short abstract of up to 500 words).

***Submission deadline: 15 October 2023***.

Contributions can be written in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish!