What Sounds Do Launch


A Taster with Listening Sessions & Open Conversations with our Contributors

Launch Event for the Seismograf Special Issue #30.
Edited by Giada Dalla Bontà, Ania Mauruschat, Jenny Gräf Sheppard & Holger Schulze


On Zoom:

Please klick on https://ucph-ku.zoom.us/j/65488389742
(no registration required, no software required!)


Tuesday, February 13, 2024, from 3:15pm to 5pm, CET


Recently, the #30 Special Issue of Seismograf was published under the title WHAT SOUNDS DO: New Directions in an Anthropology of Sound: https://seismograf.org/fokus/what-sounds-do

This special issue merges Seismograf’s ongoing exploration of the format of the audio paper with the investigation into an anthropology of sound that mark the various projects conducted at the Sound Studies Lab at the University of Copenhagen.

We, the four editors of this special issue, wish to celebrate all of this great work now published with all of our contributors, our team at Seismograf and everyone who cares for sound, experimental sonic research, and the arts of presenting scholarly work!

On Tuesday February 13, 2024, kl.15.15.-17.00 we will gather around our video screens and listen to excerpts of four selected audio papers and discuss with their producers and authors some of the issues, research approaches, and artistic practices that made them possible.


Our Programme for the Listening Sessions & Open Conversations:

Welcome & a round of applause for all of our contributors

Special issue: https://seismograf.org/fokus/what-sounds-do

Vita Zelenska in conversation with Giada Dalla Bontà

Audio paper: https://seismograf.org/node/20205

Emery Petchauer & Ruth Nicole Brown in conversation with Ania Mauruschat

Audio paper: https://seismograf.org/node/20195

Morten Poulsen in conversation with Jenny Gräf Sheppard

Audio paper: https://seismograf.org/node/20197

Francisco Mazza in conversation with Holger Schulze

Audio paper: https://seismograf.org/node/20192