What are Sound Studies?

Holger Schulze
What are Sound Studies?

A Journey into the Historical, Anthropological and Political Aspects of Listening and Sounding


Aston University
North Wing, first floor, room NW109


Wednesday, January, 30th, 2019. 4:30-5:30pm


Sound studies still are a very young and a widely differentiated research field with an incredibly long pre-history. This talk will provide a basic introduction to the more recent history of the field now called sound studies, since approximately 2004. It will also look deeper into the various existing approaches and focuses in this field – primarily focusing on the anthropology of sound. On top, three research projects will be introduced, their methods, their insights and their relevance for the current research landscape. The goal of this talk is to provide the audience with the main concepts of sound studies and the main landmarks of its research history.