A Critique of the Senses

Holger Schulze:
A Critique of the Senses.
On a journey into contemporary sound studies

Keynote lecture
at the 18th Finnish Music Researchers’ Symposium
Interpretation – past and present.


Vaasantie 11
FI-60100 Seinäjoki



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Musiikintutkijoiden 18. symposium: Tulkinta ennen ja nyt


Research on sound in everyday life is quite a young project. This keynote lecture presents a brief history of sound studies: starting with the explorations of listening in Sound Art, Acoustic Ecology & Histoire de la Mentalité since the 1960s; deepened in the first more systematic research projects between Soundscape Design, Cultural Anthropology and Media Studies at the end of the 20th century; and more narrowly defined in the professional practice of conceptualizing and researching the sounds of early 21st century in Sound Design, Sound Studies & Aural Architecture. Examples from our current research at the Berlin Sound Studies Lab on functional sounds, on analog storage media and on the multisensory signal space shall provide an insight into research practice and outcomes. What are the research questions and research methods that drive this expanding, interdisciplinary field? What theoretical concepts are currently discussed?