Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies

Holger Schulze
Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies

trumps listening,

we are no good
at receiving.«

Michel Serres, The Five Senses (1985/2008), S. 139

Be it sound art-pieces, academic articles, blogposts or a PhD-treatment, an artistic research proposal: in this biweekly research colloquium we immerse ourselves in discussing new approaches to sound studies.

Part of the interdisciplinary Research Group Sound & Senses we invite all researchers, artists, students or listeners to take part and to propose topics and materials for our future meetings.

As a collaborative workshop this meeting provides an opportunity for researchers of all levels (experienced scholars as well as PhD-/MA-students or artistic researchers) to discuss their approaches from various interdisciplinary fields with a special sensibility concerning sound.


biweekly, alternating between presence & online meetings (more or less – please check dates!)


Sound Studies Lab
Room 16.4.63
Department of Arts & Cultural Studies
Københavns Universitet
Karin Blixens Vej 1
2300 København


Cf. on website Sound in Media Culture


* KU: wednesday 9.9. kl.15:15-17:00
Room: 16.4.63
Topic: (faites divers)

* ZOOM: wednesday 30.9. kl.16:15-17:30
Topic: Lotta Vuorio (Helsinki/FIN): Moving and exercising bodies in the late 19th century Britain: approaches of a PhD research project”V- including a discussion of: Hilary Davidson (2019), “The Embodied Turn: Making and Remaking Dress as an Academic Practice” Fashion Theory, 23:3, 329-362, DOI: 10.1080/1362704X.2019.1603859

* ZOOM: monday 5.10. kl.15:15-17:00
Topic: (individual project presentations)

* ZOOM: monday 19.10. kl.16:15-17:30
Topic: Giada dalla Bontà (Berlin/DE): How Did the End of the USSR Sound Like? Considerations on the interplay between sound and artistic practices in the non-official culture of late soviet period and on the origins of the new sound art in Russia.

* KU: thursday 5.11. kl.15:15-17:00
Room: 16.4.24
Topic: Christine Jeanneret (KU): Soundscapes of Rosenborg: hearing and listening to the past

* ZOOM: thursday 19.11. kl.16:15-17:30
Topic: Luca Forcucci (Berlin/DE): Deep Listening to the Amazon Rainforest through Sonic Architectures
(abstract: De Rerum Natura is an electroacoustic composition by the author, based on field recordings from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. The piece is part of wider research from the author that explores the act of listening, associated visual mental imagery and dynamic subjective links between the composer’s experience of listening to/recording experience of the original material and the audience’s perception of the final composition as it is performed. This article focuses on the author’s process of developing De Rerum Natura, based on Deep Listening. De Rerum Natura also examines the merging of the composition with the acoustics of the performance space.)

* ZOOM: thursday 3.12. kl.15:15-16:30
Topic: Melissa van Drie (KU): How ‘singing’ bees draw urban humans into an everyday world of interspecies communication

* ZOOM: tuesday 15.12. kl.15:15-16:30
Topic: Dylan Robinson: Hungry Listening – prepared & chaired by Ania Mauruschat (Basel/CH) & Carla J. Maier (Berlin/DE)