Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies

Holger Schulze
Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies

trumps listening,

we are no good
at receiving.«

Michel Serres, The Five Senses (1985/2008), S. 139

Be it sound art-pieces, academic articles, blogposts or a PhD-treatment, an artistic research proposal: in this biweekly research colloquium we immerse ourselves in discussing new approaches to sound studies.

Part of the interdisciplinary Research Group Sound & Senses we invite all researchers, artists, students or listeners to take part and to propose topics and materials for our future meetings.

As a collaborative workshop this meeting provides an opportunity for researchers of all levels (experienced scholars as well as PhD-/MA-students or artistic researchers) to discuss their approaches from various interdisciplinary fields with a special sensibility concerning sound.


every second wednesday (more or less – please check dates!)


Sound Studies Lab
Room 16.4.63
Department of Arts & Cultural Studies
Københavns Universitet
Karin Blixens Vej 1
2300 København


Cf. on website Sound in Media Culture


24.10.2018, this time different time: 17:00-18:00: Introductory meeting & discussion of:
Karin ​Bijsterveld: Sonic Skills (2018, Palgrave Macmillan, Open Access)

Vadim Keylin (Arhus):
Masterthesis on Sound Art & PhD-project

Dumb Type: S/N (1995; proposed by Elze Barbro Kuypers
writing her BA on this media art piece)

Anne Ring: Attention and Distraction: On the Aesthetic Experience of Video Installation Art (2010; an article to possibly connect with the work of Dumb Type,
proposed by Carla J. Maier)

Lotta Vuorio (Helsinki/Sound Studies Lab):
Masterthesis on Sonic Exercises in the UK, 19th Century

Earlier this year:

4.4.2018: Introductory meeting & programme planning for current term

18.4.2018: Hip Hop & Amen Break
Gilbert, Jeremy (2004), “Signifying Nothing: ‘Culture,’ ‘Discourse’ and the Sociality of Affect” Culture Machine Vol 6 (2004)
Whelan, A. M. (2009). The “Amen” Breakbeat as Fratriarchal Totem. In B. Neumeier (Eds.), Dichotonies. Gender and Music (pp. 111-133). Heidelberg: Universitatsverlag Winter.

2.5.2018: Sound & Race
Jennifer Lynn Stoever, The Sonic Color Line: Race and the Cultural Politics of Listening, NYU Press 2016

16.5.2018: Sound & Intimacy
Dominic Pettman, Sonic Intimacy Voice, Species, Technics (or, How To Listen to the World), Stanford University Press 2017

30.5.2018: Sound & Resistance
Brandon LaBelle, Sonic Agency Sound and Emergent Forms of Resistance, Goldsmiths Press 2018