Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies

Holger Schulze
Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies

trumps listening,

we are no good
at receiving.«

Michel Serres, The Five Senses (1985/2008), S. 139

Be it sound art-pieces, academic articles, blogposts or a PhD-treatment, an artistic research proposal: in this biweekly research colloquium we immerse ourselves in discussing new approaches to sound studies.

Part of the interdisciplinary Research Group Sound & Senses we invite all researchers, artists, students or listeners to take part and to propose topics and materials for our future meetings.

As a collaborative workshop this meeting provides an opportunity for researchers of all levels (experienced scholars as well as PhD-/MA-students or artistic researchers) to discuss their approaches from various interdisciplinary fields with a special sensibility concerning sound.


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Sound Studies Lab

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* Tuesday 14.2. kl.15:15-16:30CET:

Topic: “Approaching the Sonic Shimmer of Popular Music” (PERISKOP NR. 28 2022)
Presenter: Macon Holt (Copenhagen Business School)

Material: Article as PDF:

* Tuesday 28.2. kl.15:15-16:30CET:

Topic: [TBC]
Presenter: [TBC]

Material: [TBC]

* Tuesday 14.3. kl.15:15-16:30CET:

Topic: Voice as a Matter of Design: a Framework for Novel Vocal Imaginaries
Presenter: Jonas Fritsch & Stina Hasse Jørgensen (ITU Copenhagen)


* Tuesday 23.5. kl.15:15-16:30CET:

Topic: Music at the Margins of Sense (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 2023)
Presenter: Jessica A. Holmes (University of Copenhagen)

Material: [TBC]

* Tuesday 6.6. kl.15:15-16:30CET:

Topic: The Trans* Telephone Operator: Synthetic Voice, Gender and Identity
Presenter: Paulus Van Horne (PhD researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder).

Material: [TBC]

* Tuesday 20.6. kl.15:15-16:30CET:

Topic: Listening After Nature (New York: Bloomsbury Academic 2022)
Presenter: Mark Peter Wright (University of the Arts London/UK)

Material: [TBC]