Body & Listening

Holger Schulze:
Body and Listening

Lecture Series
Musicology, Aesthetics, and Cultural Theory
(Concept: Tore Tvarnø Lind & Erik Steinskog)


University of Copenhagen
Karen Blixens Vej 1
2300 Copenhagen
Room 23.0.49




This lecture presents an introduction into current discourses and theories on body and listening. In analyzing modern works of sound and media art we examine a number of historical and contemporary listening concepts in the arts, sciences & humanities; in a second step we explore the new approaches to a corporeal listening as proposed in the vast field of sound studies with reference to corporeal effects and groundings for listening. In a final steps the two listening concepts of the auditory dispositive (Großmann 2007) and the sonic corpus (Nancy 1992) will provide an inspiring approach to a cultural anthropology of listening.