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Two New PhD Positions

2021-01-18 by Holger Schulze | 0 comments

The Department of Arts & Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen announces two new, full PhD positions. Deadline is February 25th, 2021; the application must not exceed 12,000 characters (including spaces). …Continue reading

Sonic Vignettes

2020-11-10 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Sonic Vignettes

These days we start a new series together with the great team at Norient – our absolutely preferred resource for new artists and directions in the wider contemporary area of global pop: …Continue reading

How to do Sonic Anthropology?

2020-10-26 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on How to do Sonic Anthropology?

A scribbled paper and recording devices at the Sound Studies Lab (October 28th, 2019: Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright visited Carla Maier and Melissa Van Drie). In the fall of 2019 …Continue reading

Sonic Talks Online

2020-07-17 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Sonic Talks Online

All three Sonic Talks In a Forest of Letters, performed on the evenings of July 13th, 14th and 15th, 2020, at CLB Berlin by Holger Schulze together with artists, researchers, writers and …Continue reading

Three Sonic Talks

2020-07-10 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Three Sonic Talks

Sonic Talks explore the state of the senses and our sensory entangled and affected lives under the conditions of progressively urbanized and mediatized cultures. Holger Schulze invited earlier – together with sound …Continue reading

Sensologies of Contact Restrictions

2020-06-08 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Sensologies of Contact Restrictions

During this spring’s pandemic, a plentiful of artistic and research activities around sound and sensory studies were started by various researchers and artists: the relation of sound and music to the (mostly …Continue reading

Honey is Something We Make Together

2019-11-27 by Zora van Harten | Comments Off on Honey is Something We Make Together

“They don’t have honey here,” a man said confused. At the end of his journey through the tent of the installation, he was disappointed that there was no honey to taste. Instead, …Continue reading

A Sonic and Sensory Installation on Honey Making

2019-10-10 by Melissa Van Drie | Comments Off on A Sonic and Sensory Installation on Honey Making

DATE/PLACE: Friday, October 11, 2019 / On Vester Voldgade, right next to Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen, DK. 15:00-00:00 ORGANISERS: Melissa van Drie, ‘Sounds Delicious’ Project (Arts & Culture, University of Copenhagen) / Oliver Maxwell, …Continue reading


2019-03-27 by Carla J. Maier | Comments Off on SOUND IN MOTION

DATE/PLACE: September 20. & 21., 2019 / University of Bern, Switzerland Institute of Musicology / Institute of History, Department of Iberian and Latin American History ORGANISERS: James Barber / Andrin Uetz / Dianne Violeta …Continue reading

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