Speaking about Sound

2012-06-23 | Panel | Science Museum London
Speaking about Sound

A panel for the SLSA 2012 Conference
organized by the international research network
Sound in Media Culture & the
Sound Studies Lab


Celebrate the Art and Science of Sound

Abstract for the Panel

How do we speak about sound? What languages, idiolects, technical terminology and slang vocabulary has evolved to speak about specific aspects of auditory experiences? Speaking about sound is no longer a domain of specialists, technicians, artists or composers – and maybe it never was? Since the advent of individual hifi-stereos, since the beginning of >ubiquituous sound< (Kassabian) and >sound on the move< (Bull) in everyday life there have been new >audile techniques< (Sterne) and new >sonic fictions< (Eshun) that do shape our thinking, speaking and living with sound. The new research field of Sound Studies explores these developments within media and communication studies, in musicology, in cultural studies and anthropology, in science and technology studies and in historiography – as well as in design and the fine arts e.g. in architecture, industrial design, sound art and pop music. This panel gives an overview of the international discussions currently under way in the field of Sound Studies concerning this fundamental epistemological question of method and language. It presents research results and research projects both from experienced researchers and young scholars in this field.


Michael Bull
Frauke Behrendt
Anke Eckardt
Holger Schulze






Science Museum
Dana Centre Study
Exhibition Rd
South Kensington

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