The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art

Over a dinner at Café Wilder in Copenhagen, October 11th, 2016, we, Sanne Krogh Groth and I came across some intriguing ideas for a handbook on SOUND ART in the 21st century:
it should definitely include discussions of the post-apocalyptic in sound art as well as sonic intimacies and sonic fiction, it should discuss decolonization and deinstitutionalization as aesthetic strategies, and the actual crafting of sound art-instruments should also be explicitely addressed and presented.

To achieve this, we would be focusing on a diverse corpus of artists and authors, including much more female and genderqueer artists as well as perspectives, authors and artists that bring in aesthetics from the southern hemisphere of this planet, outside an often largely eurocentric if not germanocentric interpretation and discourse of what could be called sound art.

sound art table

40 months later and with 35 authors onboard, this handbook is now in stores.

Please enjoy this preview of the handbook – including the Table of Contents and our introduction:

Sound Art: The First 100 Years of an Aggressively Expanding Artform