Prof. Dr. Morten Michelsen

Research collaborator Sound Studies Lab
Research Focus
  • Popular music of the Western hemisphere since ca. 1800
  • Music and radio in Denmark in the last 100 years
  • Rock criticism since the 1960s
  • History of music in Denmark
Curriculum Vitae

Morten Michelsen (*1958) is associate professor for Musicology at Københavns Universitet/Denmark, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. He is member of the editorial board for Popular Music History, advisory editor for Popular Musicology Online and member of the editorial board of the Danish Yearbook of Musicology. Currently he is leading a founding member board to establish a europe-wide association for research in the field of sound studies. He is involved in plans for writing of a four volume history of music in Denmark and he is planning a large research project about music and radio in Denmark in the last 100 years (for the interdisciplinary Danish research environment LARM). 2008-2011 he was head of the danish research network Sound as Art – Sound in History, Sound as Culture – Sound in Theory. 2000-2003 he was chair of The Danish Musicological Society, 1999-2008 he was member of the board, The Danish Musicological Society and chair of IASPM Norden. Recently he was co-organizer of the widely acknowledged three-day international conference Sound ACTs: Conference on Sound Studies (2010).

Selected Publications
  • »Michael Jackson’s Sound Stages«. Sound Effects 2 (2012), H.1.
  • Rock Criticism from the Beginning: Amusers, Bruisers and Cool-Headed Cruisers, Peter Lang New York 2005 (together with Ulf Lindberg, Gestur Guðmundsson & Hans Weisethaunet)
  • Sprog og lyd i analysen af rockmusik. Københavns Universitet Ph.D. thesis 1997