Dr. Michael Bull

Research collaborator Sound Studies Lab
Research Focus
  • Mobile communication technologies
  • Music and sound in urban culture
  • Sensory experience and methodologies
  • New directions in Critical Theory
Curriculum Vitae

Michael Bull is reader in Media and Film Studies at the University of Sussex in Brighton/United Kingdom, Centre for Material Digital Culture. Currently he is member of the international research network Sound in Media Culture (funded by the German Research Fund DFG) where he contributes to and supports the final publication of a research companion. He is founding and managing editor of the journal Senses and Society published by Berg Publishers. He is on the Advisory Board of Portalplayer, California and consultant at Sound Strategies, London. He is a member of Wired Sussex, core member of the Future Trends Forum (European think-tank funded by Bankinter, Spain).

Selected Publications
  • Sound Moves. iPod Culture and Urban Experience. The International Liberary of Sociology. Routledge London 2007
  • The Auditory Culture Reader. Oxford: Berg Publishers Oxford 2003 (together with Les Back)
  • The Seduction of Sound in Consumer Culture. In: Journal of Consumer Culture 2002