A new interdisciplinary laboratory at Humboldt-Universität

Last friday, by decision of a wide range of international and German researchers, the German Research Foundation DFG has decided to fund – besides many other projects all over Germany – also one major research cluster consisting out of 24 so-called base projects at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin:

Bild Wissen Gestaltung: ein interdisziplinäres Labor
Image Knowledge Gestaltung: an interdisciplinary laboratory

This laboratory brings together researchers from cultural history and art history, from physics and biology, from archaeology and architecture, geobiology and computer science, from medicine and urbanism, materials sciences and ethnology to do interdisciplinar research on models, structures and processes of design in relation to image research and to changing forms of knowledge.

The members of the Sound Studies Lab are very glad about this: we have the honour to be covering the auditory part in this huge interdisciplinary research laboratory – via Holger Schulze being a co-director in two of the base projects. The quite specific questions and issues in the broad field of auditory and sonic studies concerning design practices and design theories will thus be part of this large quest to understand design processes in general.

The two base projects in which the Sound Studies Lab shall mainly be involved (besides advising the executive board in its architectural decisions from our point of audition concerning the physical workspaces of the laboratory) are:

We are all quite eagerly looking forward to the official start of all the research projects in November this year.