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“The terms good and bad have no purchase here.” (Dolan 1988: xxxvii) Recently, I have been discussing the concept of “critical generosity” with a number of colleagues in the humanities. After 26 …Continue reading


2023-11-13 by

How to explore an archive that consists mainly of tape recordings? On Wednesday, November 22, kl.17, you have the opportunity to join Magnus Kaslov, head of Dansk Lydarkeologi and PhD researcher here, …Continue reading

En kort introduktion til lydantropologi – som svar på nogle spørgsmål, jeg blev stillet i et kort interview til DR, i anledning af lydinstallationen “Soundwaves” i Aa Kirke på Bornholm. Interviewet kan …Continue reading

Last year, a great international summer school, organized by a wonderful group of experienced scholars (Maibritt Borgen, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts; Jacob Lund, Aarhus University; Iris van der Tuin, Utrecht …Continue reading

A line touching a circle at only one point is called a tangent. Such a punctual, momentary, and passing encounter constitutes a decisive, formative relationship which differs substantially from the now proverbial …Continue reading

Regina Rabolt forscht als Doktorandin am Department für Neuere deutsche Literatur- und Medienwissenschaft des KIT Karlsruhe über „Die Funktion der Musik im Kriminal- und Pop-Hörspiel des öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunks seit 2000 – eine …Continue reading

Martina Leeker, a longtime scholar in media performance studies with a focus on artistic research, digital cultures, and performance, invited me to a conversation about Art and Research on September 21, 2023. …Continue reading

In a week’s time, on Monday, October 9, kl.14-16 I would like to invite you to a slow and deep and meticulous conversation on listening and sounding – organized by one of our …Continue reading

What futures can be articulated through sound? For the Brazilian journal Revista Música, two great colleagues in the field of sound studies, Rui Chaves and Pedro Oliveira, have conceived a Call for …Continue reading