Workshop Dynamic & Sound

This Summer the Sound Studies Lab will be part of the KOSMOS Summer University of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin:

Sixteen renowned experts and 30 participants (doctoral candidates and postdocs) from Latin America and Berlin will be invited to jointly develop innovative mobility concepts for Berlin and Buenos Aires. To this end the KOSMOS Summer University does not gather classic mobility researchers but tries to think and design mobility anew in a way that is unconventional and at the same time fundamental.

The Workshop Dynamic & Sound will be directed by Christian Kassung, director of the Institut für Kulturwissenschaft, and Holger Schulze, director of the Sound Studies Lab:

Since the middle of the 19th century natural sciences almost exclusively processed their data through graphic recording methods. Since approximately twenty years sonification establishes itself as well, for example in the field of medicine (EEG data) or seismology (F. Dombois). […] The strategies of sonification in an urban space are to be tested as a future scenario of traffic. In this attempt two questions are dominant: How can traffic of electric vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians be made audible in order to 1. achieve a strategic improvement in terms of constructional planning and 2. enable the individual traffic participant to reduce risks and to assess the traffic situation?

You can apply to participate in the whole project and the Sound Studies Lab’s workshop on the website of the KOSMOS Summer University 2012.