The Functionality and Annoyance of distant Fan Sound Scapes


Honestly… who is watching the German – Greek soccer match in this very moment? I remember a few years back having a work meeting with Bjørn Melhus on his ateliers roof top terrace and, although we didn’t watch the match at that time, we could exactly determine the result of the game by the sound scape of the city. This year I am watching the game, too. I have to rephrase: I am watching the game online… again: I am watching the game online in Berlin! As the game progresses to its twentieth minute I must admit this is no fun: Basically I know every move 10 seconds ahead because the city sound scape of the public screenings provides me with inside knowledge to my future media experience.

Probably I should just leave my window to the past, trust my ears and join the crowd from the future…