Reminder: Sonic Epistemologies (CfP 2013)

This autumn the Journal of Sonic Studies issued a quite interesting call for paper for their next issue in early 2013. This upcoming issue will deal with the rather basic questions of appropriate methodology and underlying epistemologies in the field of sound studies: How can we approach, analyze and study sound? How can we make our findings intersubjectively discursive?

For the 4th issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies we would like to raise the bar. We intend to push things further in the discourse of sonic studies: Can it really be sufficient just to apply well-known methods – proven in other academic research fields – to the thoroughly specific requirements of auditory perception and the emanations of sonic events? Or do we need new approaches? What hybridizations, what mixtures and innovations, what methodological inventions could then be the new standard of research?

Journal of Sonic Studies

In order to explore this issue, we invite papers that address the issues of epistemologies and methodologies for sound studies. We are inquisitive to receive contributions (e.g. traditional articles, poems, compositions, graphic notations, MAX/MSP-patches, recorded audiovisual performances, pieces of fiction) that do review and further develop well-known historical approaches such as Soundscape Studies, Acoustemology, Deep Listening, Human Echolocation, etc.. However, we are even more interested to receive contributions that do invent, compose and synthesize completely new, surprising and even irritating approaches to explore sound. Be inventive! Be provocative and surprise us!

So, the format for contributions is as open as it could possibly be; and the whole issue aims at providing historical critique as well as futurist speculations on methodologies to research sound.

Sonic Epistemologies.
Advanced Research Strategies in Sound

Deadline: January 6, 2013