Fluid Sounds 2015

The academic paper often focuses on a text manuscript directed at our cognition and reason. Inspired by recent approaches of activist philosophy (Massumi 2010) situated, embodied knowledge (Haraway 1998, Manning 2008) site-specific performance (Pearson 2010) and spatial performativity (Hannah 2008), we wish to introduce an alternative conference and site-specific format for academic conferences. With FLUID STATES – FLUID SOUNDS we propose a conference format taking the bodily, situated and affective modes of research into play.

Call for Audio Papers: Fluid Sounds 2015

By merging anthropologies of sound with site-specific audio-performances we explore new ways of investigating places and urban spaces. Underlining listening, sensing and experiencing as part of research processes, we wish to combine art and knowledge. FLUID STATES – FLUID SOUNDS is not only an exploration of how to gain knowledge through site-specific audio performance, it is also a conference that transforms academic knowledge into performances, and performances into aesthetic knowledge

Deadline for all papers and performances:
1 December 2014!


Audio papers: 500 word abstract outlining the research theme and concept for the production. If the abstract is accepted, the full manuscript, including reflections on
the audio paper’s aesthetic, methodological and/or theoretical framework must to be submitted by 1 June 2015.

Site-specific performances: 500 word project description including an artistic, methodological and/or theoretical motivation. Budget and financing
plan has to be included as well. Sketches, sound samples and graphics are welcome via Dropbox.

For both the audio papers and site-specific performances, we encourage collective and cross-disciplinary presentations. Ideally, the presentations
will be artistic research collaborations merging site-specific performances with audio papers. All applicants must also include a 200 word biography.

Call for Audio Papers: Fluid Sounds 2015