The Sonic Talks 1: Aufbau Haus Berlin

Sam Auinger, katrinem & Holger Schulze:
The Sonic Talks 1:
Aufbau Haus Berlin

The Sonic Talks


Aufbau Haus Berlin: CLB Berlin
Prinzenstraße 85
10969 Berlin


17. November 2016


3pm – 6pm

Registration (max. 20 participants!)

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The Sonic Talks I: Aufbau Haus Berlin from katrinem on Vimeo.

Cooperation partner

CLB – Collaboratorium Berlin


The cities, the buildings, the squares and streets, the cubicles and the commuting zones are the environments in which citizens of today spend most of their times – every day, year after year, for decades. Yet, how one experiences these environments, sonically, sensorially, in moving and idling, in resting and in panicking, is seldomly adressed.

In a series of talks the Sound Studies Lab will explore how selected edifices, areas for commuting, and zones for pausing are experienced – sonically. These talks provide an intense introduction into sonic thinking and also a training in its corporeal and sensory practices – combining a Path of Awareness, prepared and guided by the sound and walking artist katrinem with a series of Sonic Talks in situ between the sound artist Sam Auinger and the sound researcher Holger Schulze.

Sound is in these talks the main approach to analyze, to scrutinize, and to interprete the interactions and the dispositives of contemporary everyday lives.