On Rhythming

On Rhythming:
Sensory acts and performative modes of sonic thinking

A workshop organized by the Marie Curie Research Projects
“Travelling Sounds” & “Sounds Delicious”.

Concept: Carla J. Maier & Melissa Van Drie

Artist: Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri


Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK)
University of Copenhagen (KU)
Karin Blixens Vej 1
2300 Copenhagen


Tuesday & wednesday


Sounds are situated. They can neither be separated from the event of their happenings, nor from our own experiences of them. One of the challenges for researchers of sound is understanding how the different dimensions of this situatedness can be more fully addressed.

This workshop will develop a working concept of rhythming to get even closer to the complex physical, material, spiritual entanglements of sonic experience and research. How does transdisciplinary work on rhythming enrich sonic thinking?
Different kinds of embodied acts are key to rhythming. It’s through engaging multiple perspectives of hearing and sounding that we can perceive the temporal, spatial, corporeal, poetic forces making up everyday practices and relations.

The workshop gathers together a diverse range of researchers and practitioners, notably historians, anthropologists, artists and cooks. We will share aspects of our expertise, research questions and working methods through talks, and we will engage in collective exploratory experiences. Through this multimodal event, participants are encouraged to thus

• revisit their own experiential, theoretical and sensual engagement with/on rhythming, and to

• probe how new epistemologies, desiderata or sonic artefacts of/on rhythming may emerge in the space-time of the workshop.


The workshop is organised as a working process, rather than a succession of completed events/presentations. The first part of the workshop (Day 1), opens up a space for engaging in sonic thinking, inspired by short input presentations, readings, listening sessions, and food preparations. The kitchen and the act of cooking will become a site for conducting sensory ethnography. The focus will be on concrete practices and concepts of rhythming that are encountered in kitchens, theatre spaces, classrooms, or sonic archives. The day will close with the final preparation and eating of a meal, the concept of which is developed in cooperation with a Swedish chef(s). The second part of the workshop (Day 2) is devoted to developing a concept of rhythming based on the actions and reflections that happened in the first part. The focus will be on the ways in which ethnographic and historical research, as well as artistic practices and interventions make use of specific modes of writing, collage-ing, recording, editing and performance, as an integral part of the research and/or artistic outcome. Not as a final product, but as a horizon for knowledge making and embodied research.


When you join us in this workshop, we have only one condition regarding your participation. We request that each participant brings: a sound, object, performance, text etc. from their ethnographic, artistic or historical work that in some way is characterized by rhythm or engenders rhythm; and/or an example that demonstrates how practices/techniques of rhythming or aspects of rhythmanalysis are part of their artistic or ethnographic approach. During the workshop, these methods and techniques will be also applied, refined and transformed by the participants within the experimental setting of the kitchen space, and beyond.


*** EDIT: Workshop registration is now closed. The organisers will respond to all requests by 30/01/2019 ***


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