Go Your Gait!


Artistic Research on Walking and Listening With Katrinem

A Workshop of the Research Group Sound & Senses.


Room 16.4.74
Department of Arts & Cultural Studies
University of Copenhagen
Karen Blixens Vej 1
2300 Copenhagen


30 maximum (ca. 15 on each walk)


Wednesday 20.9.2019, 3pm – 6pm


Please send an email to: Zora van Harten


No fee (supported by the Department of Arts & Cultural Studies & the research group Sound & Senses)


„I am a walker and listener.“ (Katrinem)

The interplay of sound and space has long been an integral part in Katrinem‘s artistic work. For over 15 years now she has been investigating the walkability of cities and their associated spatial perception, through her work series “go your gait!” To do so, she developed various methodologies and the exploration results in all types and styles of artworks.

For this workshop Katrinem proposes to join her on a guided walking and listening performance based on her format “Path of Awareness”. (20-30 min)

With a slow and steady walking rhythm with a pair of soundful shoes, she will guide a limited number of participants (wearing soft-soled shoes) along. In order to not disturb the rhythm of the walk, there is no talking or pausing, except when necessary for traffic lights or for safety reasons. The format “Path of Awareness” explores an individual‘s personal experience of space through walking, particularly the interplay between sound event (footsteps) and surrounding architecture, influenced by the constantly changing interactions in the environment. “Path of Awareness”, the path itself is the destination:

„I recommend that the individuals travel as lightly as possible, because all bags and backpacks influence the posture and gait, and subsequently the auditory perception.“ (Katrinem)


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