Christiane Brosius - Der Kabelrollentisch (2. Februar 2014)

What happened to the so-called “Third Spaces”? When was the last time you indulged in an experience of a “Heterotopia”? How can we grasp the fabric of “Non-Places”, or “In-Between Places”? A symposion in June 2017 at the University of Copenhagen intends to explore spaces, peripheral locations, niches and areas that are in at least one respect rejected and abjected, marginalized or tabooed places. Approaches from sound studies, from sensory ethnography and from media anthropology shall come together to explore such specific types of generative locations for new socio-cultural practices – they might be:

– emerging locations
– over-researched locations
– understimated locations
– tagged & annotated locations
– locations out of time
– locations on the fringes of society
– locations hidden in the center of society
– locations for the arts & performances
– locations for the intimate & personal

As presentation formats this symposion proposes not only the classic 20 minutes-paper, but also to present an Audio Paper (also not longer than 20 minutes all in all!) or the form of a Performative Paper – be it a soundwalk, an object installation, a media production, or a personal diary (all the details you can find in the full CfP).

This collaboration between the Sound Studies Lab at the University of Copenhagen and the Centre for Transcultural Studies at Heidelberg University will then result in a special issue in the international transdisciplinary journal of historical anthropology Paragrana.

The full Call for Paper you can find right here! You can send proposals for a presentation (noting the format A, P or C; ca. 1000 characters; plus a brief CV, ca. 1000 characters) to Laila Abu-Er-Rub until November 14th, 2016.