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Sensing The Sonic

2018-04-24 by Julia Krause | 0 comments

“What happens when hearing doesn’t do what it purportedly should?” This question is at the center of a promising and inspiring workshop held this summer, June 15-16 in Cambridge at the Centre …Continue reading

Notes on a silent meal

2016-09-27 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Notes on a silent meal

Last week I had the honour of partaking in a rather special dinner: a silent dinner. The artist Nina Backman had invited 27 guests to one of her famous Silence Meals – …Continue reading


2016-05-27 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on NOISE IS JOY

(Danish translation by Steffen Krejberg Knudsen: Støj er nydelse. Støjens antropologi, in: Kulturo 22 (2016) No. 41, Støj, p. 10-18) I. SILENCE IS HORROR Have you ever experienced total and radical silence? …Continue reading

Der Klang der Bibliothek

2015-12-09 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Der Klang der Bibliothek

(Interview in: BuB – Forum Bibliothek und Information Nr. 12/2015, S. 766; das Interview führte Dirk Wissen) Forum Bibliothek und Information: Was gehört denn zum guten Ton einer Bibliothek? Holger Schulze: Eine …Continue reading

New Approaches To Listening

2015-11-03 by Holger Schulze | 1 Comment

Listening is a core issue of sound studies. The plasticity of listening situations, listening practices and listening discourses has recurrently been discussed in this interdisciplinary research field. On thursday November 19, 2015 …Continue reading

Der KlangSehApparat

2015-10-06 by Carla J. Maier | Comments Off on Der KlangSehApparat

Am Montag, 12. Oktober 2015, eröffnet eine neue Ausstellung im Grimmzentrum der HU-Berlin: KlangSehen (Dauer: bis 27. November 2015). Aus dem Basisprojekt Analogspeicher und seinen Kollaborateuren, Research Fellows und Gästen hervorgegangen, präsentiert …Continue reading

Sonic Triangulations

2015-09-24 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Sonic Triangulations

(from: Sonic Triangulations. On Alltagsklänge, an exemplary sonic ethnography by Jochen Bonz, book review, in: Seismograf/DMT (2015)) These days an anthropology of sound and of listening is the focus of various researchers …Continue reading

The Body of the Voice

2015-06-15 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on The Body of the Voice

(from: The Body of the Voice. Review of Brandon LaBelle’s Lexicon of the Mouth: Poetics and Politics of Voice and the Oral Imaginary, in: Seismograf/DMT (2015) The voice is undoubtedly one of …Continue reading

Was ist die Befindlichkeit des Landes?

2013-01-28 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Was ist die Befindlichkeit des Landes?

I listen to what is sounding around me right now. It is Friday late afternoon, here in Eastern Berlin. The night just falls, around 5:40pm and I can just hear the sound …Continue reading

Vortrag: Klangwelten der Kaluli

2013-01-14 by Carla J. Maier | Comments Off on Vortrag: Klangwelten der Kaluli

1982 erschien eine epochemachende Studie des Jazzmusikers und Ethnologen Steven Feld mit dem Titel: Sound and Sentiment: Birds, Weeping, Poetics and Song in Kaluli Expression. Basierend auf seinen Feldstudien 1976/77 bei den …Continue reading

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