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2019-03-27 by Carla J. Maier | Comments Off on SOUND IN MOTION

DATE/PLACE: September 20. & 21., 2019 / University of Bern, Switzerland Institute of Musicology / Institute of History, Department of Iberian and Latin American History ORGANISERS: James Barber / Andrin Uetz / Dianne Violeta …Continue reading

New Questions, New Objects

2018-11-27 by Lotta Vuorio | Comments Off on New Questions, New Objects

Recently I was delighted to attend the yearly IKK conference of the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK) at the University of Copenhagen. The conference was called “Cultural Analysis” and was organized …Continue reading

Experiencing Soundwalking

2018-10-29 by Lotta Vuorio | 1 Comment

Taking steps on different grounds that make different sounds. Keeping the silence in a large group that wanders around parts of Christiania in Copenhagen. Being in the moment, as you have no …Continue reading


2018-05-17 by Julia Krause | Comments Off on A100

Die A100 verläuft mitten durch Berlin und verbindet in einem Südwestbogen die Bezirke Neukölln, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf und Mitte. Nach Osten in Richtung Treptow befindet sich gerade ein weiteres Teilstück in Bau. Ursprünglich …Continue reading

The Sonic Persona

2018-03-01 by Julia Krause | Comments Off on The Sonic Persona

Just out now on Bloomsbury press is a new volume on the historical, conceptual and political repercussions of sound studies, especially in the area of an anthropology of sound. In The Sonic …Continue reading

Sound & Excellent Design

2017-05-23 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Sound & Excellent Design

Recently, the jurors of the Association of American University Presses selected from a total of 563 entries the 52 best examples of excellent book jacket and cover design in 2017. It is …Continue reading


2017-04-25 by Holger Schulze | Comments Off on Optimierung

(eine frühere Version erschien in: MERKUR 71 (2017), No. 818, S. 57-62) Die Umgebung, in der Sie arbeiten, ist nicht optimal. Vor allem sensorisch. Es riecht komisch, vielleicht müsste der Bürostuhl ausgetauscht, …Continue reading

OPEN CALL: International Sound Awards and Audio Branding Awards

2017-04-10 by Julia Krause | Comments Off on OPEN CALL: International Sound Awards and Audio Branding Awards

International Sound Awards and Audio Branding Awards at the Reeperbahn Festival 2017 Deadline: September 21, 2017 Please submit your application or spread the word.       Ladies and Gentlemen, We are …Continue reading


2017-01-16 by Julia Krause | Comments Off on FINAL CALL

Our Online Questionnaire HOW DO YOU DESIGN SOUNDS is closing by January 24. Take your last chance to particpate: All participants of the final call will take part in a draw …Continue reading


2016-11-01 by Julia Krause | Comments Off on HOW DO YOU DESIGN SOUND?

These days the Sound Studies Lab is working on some models regarding a cultural theory of sound design. In order to falsify or to confirm some of our assumptions and insights we …Continue reading

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