Giada Dalla Bontà

PhD researcher Sound Studies Lab
Research Focus
  • Sound as interdisciplinary methodology
  • Sonic agency and the political impact of sound
  • Sound anthropology and sensory research methodologies
  • Interdisciplinary artistic and sound practices
  • Institutional critique, non-official & underground cultures
  • Sonic fictions & participatory practices in ideologised spaces
  • Hypernormalisation, Capitalist Realism, Acid Communism
Curriculum Vitae

Giada Dalla Bontà is an Italian researcher, curator, and writer focusing on the intersection between sound, politics, art, underground and experimental practices, with a particular emphasis to unofficial cultures in the late Soviet Union and in contemporary practices in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Baltics. Throughout her career, she has worked with Lisson Gallery, Mondrian Foundation, HNI Rotterdam, Venice Biennale, and collaborated with independent art projects and experimental music labels. She has won several scholarships and grants, including Valand Academy - University of Göteborg in collaboration with Bard University and De Appel. She is currently based in Berlin and in Copenhagen, where she is a PhD fellow at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies of Copenhagen University in association with the Sound Studies Lab.

Selected Publications
  • Sonic Agency in unsustainable Worlds. Fieldnotes, 2023
  • Face it and give it a voice. On anti fascist music and Interview with Ukrainian composer Alla Zagaykevych. Seismograf, 2022
  • Bestiaries and stikhogrammy as the core of D.A.P. Project. In Staging the image: Dmitry Prigov as Artist and Writer (ed.Gerald Janecek). Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2018
  • Playground. In Designing Playful Cities! (catalogue curated by Janelle Minite). Atlanta: MODA Museum of Design, 2019
  • Lebensmüde. Exhibition catalogue. Cologne: CityLeaks Art Festival, 2019
  • L’albero Sibilante. In L’Albero della Cuccagna (catalogue curated by Achille Bonito Oliva). Milan: Skira, 2017
  • “What if.” In What is an exhibition? With: Paul O’Neil, various authors. Moscow: V-A-C Foundation, 2015
  • “Open.” In School. With: Binna Choi, Marina Grzinic, Sven Lütticken, Mick Wilson, Paul O’Neill. Moscow: V-A-C Foundation, 2015
  • [Co-author: Sona Stepanyan] “Mapping curatorial spaces in Moscow.” In What is a turn? With: Anton Vidokle, Felicity Allen, Janna Graham, Olga Jitlina, Marion von Osten, Mick Wilson, Tirdad Zolghadr, various authors. Moscow: V-A-C Foundation, 2015