29 loudspeakers in a public place

Imagine 29 (yes, there’s no typo: twenty-nine) loudspeakers in a public place, all attached to a series of buildings in a street – and every day sound art pieces are played in this street, for a rather random audience.

In Berlin, Crellestraße 5-17, you can find such a rather unusual array of 29 public loudspeakers; and this summer (from May 29 to September 8 ) you can listen to compositions especially made for this really site-specific sound art venue by six sound artists.

The sound artists are Alexander Sieber, Annie Goh, Damian Rebgetz, Daniela Imhoff, Robert Schwarz & Thomas Wochnik from the Berlin-based sound art collective Berg 26. They call their series of pieces threads & traces. Their pieces are played every day at 5pm (but not on sundays!) – the compositions changing on a daily basis.